- Transparency - RASCH LEGAL 21-07-'15

RASCH LEGAL 21-07-'15

We received an email from Rasch legal in Germany (Acting on behaf of "BUNDESVERBAND MUSIKINDUSTRIE e.V.") with a takedown request of 98 info hashes
These hashes have been partially checked and are indeed found contributing to the sharing of copyrighted materials
They have been blacklisted, in the future we will keep on checking the legitimacy of these requests and take
proper action if they are found to be connected to copyrighted materials.

However, I personally have to state that the 24h timeframe we're being given is not reasonable at all and the tone of the email is to be called quite threatening.
There has to be understood that writing in bold text comes over as aggressive and writing "no later then 24 hours" in both bold and understroke does even more.
We will still coperate and block the hashes for now and in the future. But I had to say I'm not a fan of threats as they're being used by this company.

List of hashes (98)