- Transparency - RASCH LEGAL 11-08-'15

RASCH LEGAL 11-08-'15

We received an email from Rasch legal in Germany (Acting on behaf of "BUNDESVERBAND MUSIKINDUSTRIE E.V.") with a takedown request of 5 info hashes
These hashes have been partially checked and are indeed found contributing to the sharing of copyrighted materials
They have been blacklisted, in the future we will keep on checking the legitimacy of these requests and take
proper action if they are found to be connected to copyrighted materials.
However we have to state we're not pleased with how Rasch Legal is handeling this reports. They deny showing proof that they represent those companies and do not want to send
a copy of the email by physical mail (including Mirko's Signature, Mirko is the advocate that mails us) to proof that I'm taking to Mirko. Since there is no way to verify this without
any PGP singing key by email. We may reject requests from Rasch Legal in the future without the requested proof.
We're currentlying looking into our rights on this matter. If anyone is known with the European law regarding Copyright please contact us at root[at]
List of hashes (5)