- Transparency - PROMEDIA 12-08-'17

proMedia 12-08-'17

We received an email from proMedia GmbH in Germany with a copy of all hashes that have been requested to be blocked in the past.
We have ran this list against our current blacklist and the results that were not blocked yet are listed in this takedown request.
Please be advised this list also contains the hashes provided by RASCH LEGAL, as proMedia is now responsible for those.

These hashes have not been ran on an extended test, but we have a good faith believe they are infringing on the copyright of their rightful owners
They have been blacklisted, in the future we will keep on blocking these hashes. And take
proper action if they are found to be connected to copyrighted materials.
As always, if we've made a mistake please let us know on dmca [at] opentrackr [dot] org
List of hashes (19018)